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© Tomasz Gudzowaty, 2011, Sumo wrestlers, Tokyo, Japan

Wrestlers from Michinoku stable enjoy taking ‘onsen' (hot spring bath) at Kanyaka Ryokan after the autumn tournament in Tokyo.



Hoshi Onsen Chojukan (old japanese inn with a hot spring) @Gunma,Japan


Azuma Gorge, Gunma, Japan: photo by Takahiro Inoue 群馬県吾妻渓谷.  Image via Kumi Ito on Pinterest


Yama Kokeshi by badlyricpolice on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
This is a kokeshi doll I saw in a show at the Prefecture Office in Gunma, Japan. Kokeshi dolls are handmade from wood, and sometimes painstakingly painted with detail afterwards. I voted for this one as one of my favorites. It’s untraditional and so very cute.

Kokeshi are usually in the (rounded) shape of people, but this doll set was fashioned to look like the kanji for the word “yama” or mountain.

See what I mean? It looks like three peaks of a mountain.